Airbnb's Custom Gift Collection

Airbnb's Custom Gift Collection

Industry: Online Marketplace for Lodging
Use case: Customer Advocacy
Team: Customer Service & Appreciation


The brief

Airbnb asked us to design an extensive collection of custom gifts that could be used across a number of different customer service scenarios.


Our gift solution

Airbnb took a bulk-buy approach to their gift collection, investing in a range of fully custom, branded gifts for guests and hosts using Airbnb. By placing larger orders, we were able to secure lower prices per unit, and work with suppliers who share Airbnb's values when it comes to responsible and sustainable production.



These gifts are used to support a large range of customer service scenarios, so the gifts are designed to work alone or in bundles, depending on the scale of the request — and because gifting is fully integrated into Airbnb's customer service cycle, we made sure multiple teams can access gifts in order to support various customer service scenarios.




    If you're looking to develop a gift collection of your own, drop us a line to get started.

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