Intercom’s Christmas Gifting

Intercom’s Christmas Gifting

Industry: Software Communications
Use case: Employee Appreciation
Team: Workplace Experience


The brief

If not all your employees can make an in-person event, the right gift goes a long way to helping everyone feel included. For this project, Intercom wanted to send something that could be shipped internationally to remote workers who weren’t able to attend their annual Christmas Party.


Our gift solution

We put together a gift bundle that included a branded notecard, a sophisticated wooden board game and some cozy wool socks in custom Intercom packaging.


The most important element of the brief, for us, was the idea of community. The branded packaging and custom notecard were designed to emphasize the Intercom brand, making sure everyone who received the gift felt like they were part of the same team.



We chose this version of Four in a Row, by Swedish company Printworks, because not only does it fit well with the Intercom brand, but it’s also a well-made and beautifully designed object, something you’d be happy to play with time and time again — and nothing brings people together like a board game.

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