Spotify Wrapped Gift Campaign

Spotify Wrapped Gift Campaign

Industry: Music Streaming Service
Use case: Advertiser Appreciation
Team: Spotify Advertising


The brief

Spotify asked us to design a special experience to celebrate and acknowledge their advertising clients, coinciding with the unveiling of 2020’s Wrapped. It was an expression of gratitude from Spotify, a gift that would show the importance and value that brand advertisers hold.


Our gift solution

We knew this gift needed to be super special, with every detail just right. We wanted to make sure it reflected Spotify’s values, supporting creative endeavors and with sustainability front-of-mind.


We went with a comfy pair of US-grown cotton sweatpants, featuring a pop of Pantone-matched color in the drawstring to align with the Wrapped campaign, a subtle Spotify logo screenprinted using water-based ink and a custom sewn-in label. 



The innovators behind these amazing pants are our long-time collaborators Everybody.World, Los Angeles-based pioneers in the world of sustainable textiles who create their own fabrics and take control of every step of the manufacturing process to ensure products that are better for the planet, for us, and for the people who make them.




Our approach to the packaging and printed material reflected the sustainability of the sweatpants: we used recycled card, compostable stickers, and a recycled envelope that was printed with biodegradable, algae-based ink.



We also gave recipients the option to choose a Headspace subscription or donate to the Amazon Conservation Team, who work hand-in-hand with Indigenous leaders to ensure the long-term welfare of the Amazon Rainforest.



Instead of receiving a pair of sweatpants, people could choose to give their gift forward, preventing any items going to waste. When given this choice, 55% of recipients chose the physical gift, while 19% chose the subscription and 26% chose to donate — preventing over 2,000 unwanted physical gifts being sent out.


If you're interested in this kind of gifting, drop us a line to find out more.

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