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Dublin Christmas Candle

Dublin Christmas Candle

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This luxurious candle fills the room with an aromatic, woody fragrance that combines notes of green eucalyptus leaves, mint sprigs, orange and pine sap with the warm spice of clove and cinnamon for that instant festive feeling.


Subject to stock availability. Order by November 27 for delivery by December 25 2023.


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100% natural waxes consisting of rapeseed, coconut and beeswax, essential oils, cotton wicks, glass container



Small: 2.6oz / 75g, burns for around 20 hours

Large: 13.8oz / 390g, burns for around 50 hours


About the brand

Founded in Dublin in 1488, Rathbornes is claimed to be the oldest candle manufacturer in the world. From paraffin to pure beeswax, they craft subtly-scented and beautifully-wicked candles with centuries worth of experience at their backs.

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