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Bean and Goose

The Let It Snow Bundle

The Let It Snow Bundle

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A bumper box of chocolate delights, perfect for feasts with friends or a sweet treat with coffee. Signature flavor combinations that work so well, salty-sweet favorites that we just can’t do without, alongside a small oak hammer — perfect for smashing, snapping and sharing!


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Orders recommencing December 15th 

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This box contains

Dark Chocolate Winter Nights Sharing Slab, 17.6oz / 500g

Dark Chocolate Umami Seaweed Seascape, 2.1oz / 60g

Milk Chocolate Smoky Sea Salt Seascape, 2.1oz / 60g

Oak hammer


Potential allergens

Dairy, tree nuts


About the brand

Bean and Goose founders, sister duo Karen and Natalie Keane, craft their chocolate in the Wexford countryside. Made from sustainably sourced, single origin chocolate, their creations make giving and receiving delicious treats truly magical, using seasonal ingredients inspired by the Irish landscape.

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