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Eleven Madison Home

The Chef's Pantry Gift Box

The Chef's Pantry Gift Box

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Packed with chef-grade essentials, this box is designed to make your home cooking as delicious as possible. Each element has been crafted and tested in the kitchen at Eleven Madison Park, using some of their favorite plant-based ingredients.


Subject to stock availability. Order by November 27 for delivery by December 25 2023.


Delivery region

North America

Each gift dropshipped directly to recipient



CMYK-printed sticker


This box contains

Shio Kombu Salt Jar, 3.9oz / 110g

Chili Crunch, 8oz / 225g

Mellody Plant-Based Honey, 8.7oz / 246g

Corn Shoyu, 10oz / 283g

Make It Hot Bottle, 5oz / 142g

EMH Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3.4oz / 100ml


Potential allergens

Peanuts, gluten, soy


About the brand

Eleven Madison Home, the fully plant-based offering from New York’s Eleven Madison Park restaurant, delivers delicious vegan fare that’s good for the environment. Packed full of local, artisanal collaborations, this range has been a long time in the making — and the result is a host of everyday essentials you won’t want to do without.

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