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Flamingo Estate

The Garden Tour

The Garden Tour

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Something a bit special. Inspired by Flamingo Estate’s seven acres of lush LA gardens, each product represents a stop on the tour they wish they could give to everyone who uses their products — so relax with a nice long bath and enjoy a sensory stroll in lush greenery. 


Subject to stock availability. Order by November 27 for delivery by December 25 2023.


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This box contains

Garden Essentials Clary Sage Hand Soap, 16.9oz / 500ml

Garden Essentials Clary Sage Natural Body Wash, 16.9oz / 500ml

Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9oz / 500ml

Mini Biointensive Wildflower Honey, 1.4oz / 40g

Adriatic Muscatel Sage Candle, 8oz / 227g

Candle burns for around 40 hours


About the brand

Flamingo Estate sits atop the hills of Los Angeles, California. Born out of a 1940s ambition, the fruitful farm and lush gardenscape supports the philosophy that pleasure is a human right. One tree is planted for every product sold.

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