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Beeswax Dinner Candles • Pair

Beeswax Dinner Candles • Pair

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In our experience, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as lighting a beeswax candle. At the touch of a match, the warm light and oh-so-subtle scent work their magic, dissolving tension and banishing stress. Rolled by hand from 100% natural beeswax, each dinner candle will provide around five hours of gently flickering tranquility.


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100% Irish beeswax, cotton wick



7.9" x 1.1" / 20cm x 2.7cm

Burn for around 5-6 hours each


About the brand

Founded by beginner beekeeper Jennifer Doyle in the Irish midlands, we’re in love with all of Millbee’s natural and environmentally-friendly products. From honey to beeswax, she uses traditional materials and innovative techniques to chart a path towards a more sustainable future, with the brand’s wider mission being to tackle plastic pollution and inspire people to connect with nature.

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