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Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle • 16.9oz

Ocean Bottle • 16.9oz

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Put quite simply, this award-winning bottle will stop 1,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean — and on top of that, it keeps your cold drinks ice cold and your hot drinks piping hot, so you can stay hydrated whatever the weather. And because all the materials used are fully recyclable, it's as sustainable as it is stylish.


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North America & Europe



Engraved logo



Comes in a range of stock colors



90% recycled stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, silicone rubber, ocean-bound plastic



8.7" x 2.7" / 22.1cm x 6.9cm

16.9oz / 500ml


About the brand

The people at Ocean Bottle are united by a love for the ocean and a drive to protect it, which led to the creation of a bottle that will last a lifetime, is easy to recycle and which never compromises on impact. We have a huge amount of respect for the way in which they are constantly looking to reduce emissions and promote a sustainable way of life, both through the products they create and the example they set.


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