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Uber Gift Card

Uber Gift Card

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Minimum order quantity: 25 units

Give someone a free ride (or maybe two) by sending them something towards their next trip. Whether they're heading home or simply want to skip public transport, this is a thoughtful gift they’ll certainly thank you for.



Available in AUD, CAD, GBP, MXN and USD, from $/£15-200, in whole numbers only.

Additional 5% handling fee applies to all orders.


Regions available

US, UK, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

Please note: gift cards can only be used in their country, for example USD gift cards will not work in Canada, and CAD gift cards won't work in the US.


About the brand

Founded in 2009, Uber needs little introduction. This revolutionary taxi service has reimagined the way the world moves — and now eats — for the better. With a plan to become a fully electric, zero-emission platform by 2040, you can order rides and meals with speed and efficiency, knowing that the planet is also top of mind.

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